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NHS Orthodontics Treatment at Windmill

The NHS only provides orthodontic care to patients who meet the assessment requirements. At Windmill, all NHS treatments use the latest techniques and are overseen by a Specialist Orthodontist.

NHS Orthodontic Expertise
Experience Expert Care: Trust in our Specialist Orthodontists for NHS treatment excellence.
Modern Techniques
Cutting-Edge Methods: Benefit from the latest techniques under expert supervision.
Transparent Assessment
Clear Evaluation: Understand your eligibility and treatment plan from the outset.
Patient-Centered Approach
Informed Decision-Making: We discuss benefits and any risks with you and your family.
Oral Hygiene Preparation
Pre-Treatment Readiness: Maintain oral hygiene and understand your role in treatment.
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An orthodontic therapist explains NHS treatment to a patient
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NHS Orthodontics guide

NHS Orthodontic Treatment: Eligibility, Assessment, and Quality Care.

Assessment for NHS orthodontic treatment is by referral only by your family dentist.

To be eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment, patients must meet specific criteria outlined by the NHS. This includes factors like the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) score, dental health, and more. If you're eligible, your treatment begins with an initial assessment, during which we'll gather medical and dental history and may conduct x-rays to understand your unique dental needs.

Our NHS orthodontic treatment process is a carefully tailored approach. After your assessment, you'll be categorised into one of four groups: the treatment waiting list for those ready to start, a review group if you're not yet prepared, discharged if you choose not to proceed or are not suitable per IOTN or oral hygiene, or referral to a hospital orthodontic service for complex cases.

Due to the NHS orthodontic contract's limitations, there may be a waiting period before your treatment can commence, this may extend up to 1 to 2 years. For patients aged 18 and over or those with mild orthodontic issues, NHS assessment and treatment may not be available, but we offer alternative private options to ensure your smile receives the care it deserves.

A dental professional explains NHS fixed braces to a teenager
NHS Orthodontics at Windmill Orthodontics
Expert Assessment
Thorough evaluation by Specialist Orthodontists.
Transparent Eligibility
Clear understanding of NHS criteria for treatment.
Informed Decision-Making
Discussion of risks and benefits with patients and families.
Pre-Treatment Preparation
Guidance on maintaining oral hygiene and understanding treatment requirements.
Complete treatment
Through a range of modern techniques.
NHS Orthodontics FAQ
Not everyone is eligible for braces on the NHS. To make sure that these limited resources are given to those who need it the most, there are strict criteria your child will need to meet in order to qualify for a referral. Your usual dentist can refer to you an orthodontist for treatment if you meet the following criteria: - Must be under the age of 18 at the start of treatment. - Must have a health need for treatment, assessed by the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need. - Patients must be a grade 4 or 5 on the IOTN, and grade 3 cases may be judged on an individual basis.
The current waiting time for NHS braces is around 1-2 years. However, these waiting times can vary, and you can contact your local NHS dental team for specific information about your area.
During the assessment, we may take x-rays, a scan of your teeth, and discuss your dental needs and treatment options.
If you or your child isn't eligible, we offer alternative private brace options, including clear braces and Invisalign® clear aligners, with flexible finance options.
NHS assessment and treatment are typically not available for patients aged 18 and over. We can explore private treatment options for adults.
We use high-quality orthodontic materials to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your treatment. Our NHS treatment currently only covers patients for metal fixed braces.
Expect a personalised, patient-centered approach, with transparent communication, expert care, and a commitment to your oral health and confidence.
Portrait of a smiling teenager with fixed braces
Private Orthodontics for Children

Invisalign for teens and kids, tooth-coloured braces and conventional metal braces.

Orthodontics beyond the NHS: Explore the benefits of private orthodontic care for children. Your child's best smile awaits.

Invisalign for Kids and Teens
All the benefits of discreet and comfortable Invisalign clear aligners, tailored for children and teenagers.
Tooth-coloured, ceramic, fixed braces
They work the same way as our conventional metal fixed braces, but are less noticeable, giving your child that little bit more confidence.
No Waiting Time
Get started on your child's orthodontic journey - without the waiting list.
Personalised Care
Tailored orthodontic plans designed to meet your child's specific needs, even if they don't meet NHS eligibility criteria.
Comprehensive Aftercare
Post-treatment follow-up and care to maintain your child's smile and address any concerns.
Low Costs
We understand how important it is to give your child the treatment they need, when they need it. As such we have created a bespoke under 18 price list to ensure affordability for every one.
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