Private Treatment

NHS Treatment

Private Orthodontic treatment is available to all patients of all ages and provides patients with the opportunity to receive the best possible treatment, using the latest treatment techniques. You do not need referral by a dentist for a private consultation.

Key benefits of private treatment

  • With no waiting list, treatment can begin almost immediately.
  • The highest quality treatment possible, carried out by your own experienced Specialist Orthodontist throughout, to ensure continuity of care.
  • Increased treatment choices including; Aesthetic braces, including tooth coloured (white), clear aligners and even lingual (invisible), which fit on the inside of the teeth.
  • Thorough and flexible appointments, which include outside school/office hours and during school holidays.
  • Improved post-treatment retention with follow up for two years.

Private treatment patient journey



You can refer yourself or be referred by your dentist for private treatment. Many of our private patients come to us on recommendation of family or friends.



The costs of this appointment is £100 and will be take of the cost of treatment if you proceed.

We will see you as soon as possible, usually with 2-3 weeks of receiving the referral for your assessment
you will me your orthodontist who will undertake a full examination, take any necessary records (photographs, x-rays and scan or impression for study models)

The appointment about 30 mins to allow your orthodontist to explain the treatment options, appropriate braces and costs.

On completion of your assessment a comprehensive report detailing the treatment and costs will be sent to you with a copy to your dentist.

We have payment schemes to help you pay for treatment over a period of time and we a discount for close family of patients we have previously provide private treatment.

If you have any questions or queries we will be happy to see you FOC to discuss and answer any questions.

Appliance Fit

Appliance Fit

This the BIG day!

We will see you as soon as is convenient (allowing for time required for extractions if they need to be undertaken) to fit your brace.

We will have discussed the brace options eg fixed, metal, tooth coloured or hidden lingual; aligners etc in advance.

This appointment takes between 30 and 45 minutes and will include detailed instructions on care of your braces and a free brace care kit.

Be aware it can take a few weeks to get used to your brace and your teeth may be sore. This can be helped by careful use of over the counter pain killers – the same as you would use for a headache.

During Treatment

During Treatment

We is usually see you about every 8 weeks for checking and adjusting of your brace. This will be either by the orthodontist or one of orthodontic therapists.

It is important that you take care of your brace and if there are problem to contact the practice as soon as possible.

Appliance Removal

Appliance Removal

Congratulations! You will have completed your treatment and the braces will be removed and retainers provided. Records will gain be taken to allow us to record the changes and monitor our performance and care.



Retainer are more important than the braces. They are a lifelong necessity to ensure your teeth don’t move.

We will usually provide you with ‘dual retention’ ie both fixed and removable retainers, unless there is clinical reason for not doing this.

We will look after the retainers for the first two years year.

After this year we will discharge you form our care and ask your dentist to take on the maintenance of your retainers. Retainers can break or be lost and without them your teeth will probably move back towards where they started from.

Private treatment costs

Treatment fees

New patient consultation £100
Traditional metal fixed braces from £1710
Tooth coloured fixed braces from £2,700
Lingual (invisible) braces from £2,700
Removable braces from £600

Payment schemes

We offer both single payment and a payment scheme by Direct Debit over the period of treatment and 10% discount for subsequent close family members undergoing treatment.

Single payment at the beginning of treatment - Payment by cash, debit card or cheque will entitle you to a 5% discount off the cost of treatment.
Interest fee Direct Debit - An initial deposit followed by interest free repayments spread over the length of treatment.

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