Coronavirus - Advice for Patients and GDPs

We are now closed except for emergencies

Emergency contact number is 07384 594624

Please follow the advice below for at home care.

Clear Aligners

Patient to continue wearing the current aligner at NIGHTS only as a retainer.

Inman Aligners

Patient to wear Inman nights only as a retainer (10-12hrs/day).

Fixed Appliances

Fixed appliances, majority of actions e.g. Powerchain etc are self-limiting, so leaving is acceptable.

Patient with a NiTi RCOS (Rocket arch) consider seeing patient to place a passive arch wire.

Patient wearing elastics – STOP wearing elastics.

Patients with NiTi space closing springs – consider seeing patient to remove spring.


If any patients have a Twin Block Appliance and are expanding – Tell them to STOP expansion.

Extraction cases and no appliance placed;Consider making an essix retainer made to hold the spaces – post essix retainer to the patient wear night only as retainer.


Broken fixed Bonded Retainer:make smooth (slow hand piece / cut / remove; AVOID aerosols) and make essix ; post retainer to the patient wear night only as retainer.

Broken Essix: Scan if possible or Impression (disinfect before sending to lab); if patient has model drop model off to clinic, make new essix post essix retainer to the patient.

Also see self help brace care section.